What is home feel like to you? what memories come into your mind? For me home is … well  that feeling was lost back when things were destroyed by evil. Home… what if home will never be home again. Home is …. Is not home anymore. When my parents got divorced I reminisce my mom making sun tea on our brown deck early morning. While my dad made lunch while my brother and I worked out in the driveway. That is a sweet memory I have of what home is to me. Home was even defined when I hated redoing our basement as a family but the 2010 Allstar game is playing so it is the back ground noise while we painted. I remember all of the night terrors my parents would care for me through. How many nights I would sleep on their floor simply because I was frightened of being alone. It was almost like my body could sense the separation/divorce my parents would soon have. Taking ahold of those memories helps the new creation of this word home, come about. Home was destroyed but never forgotten. I still know how to do home but am never going to get back moms tea on a Sunday morning UNLESS I and my future wife create an even better environment for our future kids. 

The question is how do we make an environment “Home”? How do we do things as a duo? A unit as a family? WITHOUT Separation/ Divorce? 

It is easy to say but hard to grasp. Having a center focus on cross will only answer those questions. Walking in humidity and loving unconditionally with honesty. Striving to have a God centered relationship as a unit. But how do I do that… the same answer! Dive deep into the word and pray daily, throughout the day and live out the Gospel. Never say no to the Holy Spirit and be bold and courageous . Allow the Holy Spirit to create Home, it will be the best home yet.. but just know that HOME , isn’t here on earth.. its in heaven and it’s gorgeous there. The Journey may feel like walking on nails and hot coal but it’s worth it to have eternal life.

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